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About Three Angels Farm

Our Family

We are a homeschooling family with five kids ranging from age 6 to 17. We were blessed to be able to buy this third-of-an-acre plot several years ago, and are still working on transforming it from an ornamental oasis to an edible oasis. The oldest kids help Mom and Dad with construction, planting, upkeep and harvest, while the youngest ones ‘help’ by asking “Why?” all the time, pulling up weeds (or bulbs) and chasing, squeezing, and feeding all the animals. We attempt to raise a good proportion of our food on our 1/3 acre plot, using organic methods for our animals, our land, and ourselves.

Our Goats

As of 2021, we have sold our goats, as our resident “goat-herd” is living in Illinois for college currently. However, the website remains up for the time being, for reference purposes.

We acquired two purebred Nigerian Dwarf doelings from champion bloodlines in 2016, and they freshened for the first time in 2018. Nigerians, a popular breed in our area for good reason, are a miniature breed, with high milkfat and hence higher cheese yields, and their average production is about a quart per day per goat at peak. This is a perfect amount for our family–we drink it, make cheese, and use it in baked goods. Nigerians are easy to handle for everyone, especially children, and very sweet. They also have a high percentage of multiple births. They don’t need as much feed or as high fencing as full sized or half-Nigerian goats. We are breeding our beautiful does to high-quality bucks to try to improve the breed. We breed for conformation and milk production, to produce excellent homestead milkers.

Our Other Aimals

We keep chickens of various breeds and Indian Runner ducks for eggs and pest control. The ducks especially love slugs, which are huge problem in the moist Pacific Northwest. We also have two pampered rabbits, two hives of bees, and two barn cats, to help with any rodent problems.

Our Garden

We are working towards integrating much of our homestead in a permaculture manner. In the back yard, we have three long beds with the beginnings of a food forest. Food-bearing, herbal, and fragrant plants are tucked into many corners. Our whole front yard is a raised bed garden with around 12 beds and several small containers. Each child has a small bed that they can plant whatever suits their fancy in. We sometimes cook or preserve our produce, but often it’s just stuffed into our mouths before we even leave the garden (especially the cherry tomatoes).

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your visit to our site.