For goat week, I’m going to post on our favorite essential goat tools! We have four (categories) of tools that we could not be without for our goat keeping.

Harnesses, collars and leashes: We have a harness for each goat, a collar for each, and a short leash for each. These are super valuable. Not only do they allow you to take your goats for walks (see THIS post), they also allow you to keep them in one place while someone else tries to get another goat on the milk stand (this is something that has been happening a lot lately), and hold a doe in place for breeding, among other uses.


Hoof trimmers and other grooming supplies: Goat’s hooves grow just like fingernails, and just like fingernails, they have to be clipped. However, fingernail, or even toenail clippers are not big or sharp enough for goat hooves. Enter the hoof trimmers! They’re like straight-bladed pruning shears, designed for cutting goat hooves. We also have a hoof pick and brush to clean the hoof before it gets clipped. We just put up a VIDEO of this on Instagram. We also have brushes–the goats LOVE to be brushed. The beige one is one we use to remove their winter coats once they start shedding. I honestly don’t know what it’s called, or where we got it–it was a bunny brush that we repurposed. 🙂


Shovel and Broom: These are super important for cleaning up the shed–and they fit really well above the cupboard!


Dewormer: While it’s not normal for humans to have stomach/intestinal worms, for farm animals, it’s normal to have a low level of worm activity. It’s not a big deal, as long as it stays under control. It’s really not gross, you don’t see them, you just have to do some management. There is a lot of controversy in the goat world over worms and worm management. For more information on this, look here and Because many goats are becoming resistant to chemical dewormers, we are using an herbal dewormer from Land of Havilah. We have not had any problems with worms…but we’re not a very big study group. 🙂

So those are our four favorite tools!

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