As of 2021, we have sold our herd, as the resident “goat-herd” has moved to Illinois for college. Our website is still up for reference purposes, and if you need any sort of advice or other intangible services, please feel free to contact us.

Camanna CB Cassani Blue

Barn Name: Cassie  DOB: 4/30/2016  Number in Litter: 3  ADGA Reg#: D1804667

 First freshening udder, 12 hour fill.

Coloring: Broken Chamoisee with blue eyes

Cassie is a lovely lady from Camanna. She is very well put together with many nice features–topline, legs and back. She’s petite and dairy. Her udder is large, well attached and not meaty, but we are breeding for improvement in her teat size, as well as rump and shoulders. Though her teats are small, the attachment to the udder is very smooth, and she is actually quite lovely to hand milk–I can empty her in less than five minutes. Her orifice size is also nice. She’s disbudded with blue eyes, and her coloring is broken Chamoise. She is a great mom who cares for her kids carefully. She’s (usually!) quite well behaved on the milk stand, and in general. We call her “the introvert goat”–she doesn’t tend to engage as much with the other goats, but she loves her humans! She’s pretty much the idea city homestead goat. 


Dam: Camanna OMF Bellani Blue [VVVV 85]
DS: Old Mountain Farm Frankincense [VEV 89]
DD: CH Camanna FD Tasonni Blue [EEEV 92]

Sire: Camanna RD Casanova In Blue [VVV 87]
SS: Rockstar Ranch Debonair
SD: CH Poppy Patch Blueberry Parfait [VEEE 90]

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Linear History:

1st Freshening (2yrs old) 2018: +V+A 82

2nd Freshening (3yrs old) 2019: +V++ 82


2/21/18  2 does  Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer

3/15/19  3 bucks  RainySunday MS Surfin’ Tsunami


3 Angels MS Noelani Blue

3 Angels MS BlueSnowballNebula


3 Angels ST Menodora

Barn Name: “Dora”  DOB: 3/6/18  Number in Litter: 4  ADGA Reg#: D001935427

Coloring: Black and white; polled. 

Dora has grown up into a lovely doe, and we see a lot of potential in her despite the fact that, through a combination of factors, she has not freshened yet. She’s very strong, yet also dairy and long in body. She has a lovely wide and flat rump as well. We’re anticipating a lovely udder on her when she freshens in 2021. In terms of personality, she is an absolute sweetheart–we call her the teddy bear goat! She’s always up for snuggles or scratches. 


Dam: Camanna HS Moonlight Mist
DS: Castle Rock Huron Sunset [++V 83]
DD: Camanna OMF Moonlight Destiny [VVV+ 84]

Sire: RainySunday MS Surfin’ Tsunami *B
SS: Camanna WR Moonlight Surfer +B [VVE 88]
SD: SG AGS Mustang Creek Lindsay 1*M (Elite) [VEEE 90]

Click HERE for her full pedigree.


Our goats are negative for CAE, CL, Johnes disease and Brucellosis. Their last test was April 2020.